California voters killed Legislature’s more liberal ideas — and gave Democrats a reality check

By Hannah Wiley at the Sacramento Bee

November 6, 2020

California’s state Capitol is home to some of the most liberal lawmakers in America.

This year alone, the Legislature passed laws that require California’s public corporations to appoint more minority or LGBTQ directors to their boards, expand the state’s paid family leave law and initiate a reparations process for Black Californians who are descendants of slaves.

But Election Day issued a reality check to the Democratic supermajority in the Capitol, where Republicans are outnumbered four to one.

Through four ballot initiatives, voters rejected policies on labor, criminal justice and voting that lawmakers passed in recent years, demonstrating a sharp ideological divide between progressives in Sacramento and the general California electorate.

With their votes, said GOP strategist Rob Stutzman, Californians sent a clear message to their representatives in the Capitol: “Don’t get too progressive. Focus on what matters to people.”

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