Property Rights

The Founding Fathers believed property rights are essential to the enjoyment and security of all our rights. This was not just a fashionable opinion of the time, but the statement of a transcendent principle that is true in all times and all places. To the extent we water down property rights, we jeopardize all our liberties. According to James Madison, the Father of Constitution, property rights included not just material things we owned such as land, but our beliefs, creative faculties, safety in our person – our very liberty: “As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” This understanding is at the heart of the California Homeowners Association mission.

Government exists to secure and protect our property rights, but in recent years liberals and extreme environmentalist have been using government to assault those rights. This undermines the broad spectrum of our freedoms. The erosion may be gradual and delayed in its manifestation, but it is no less real.

In California, our property rights are being smothered beneath a bewildering, ever-growing thicket of regulations foisted on us by liberal legislators and hostile bureaucrats. The California Homeowners Association pushes back against this assault by supporting candidates and cause who understand how vital strong property rights are to a free and prosperous society. CHA opposes with equal vigor politicians who are part of progressive government’s ongoing aggression against this bedrock right.