Government is necessary to our enjoyment of ordered liberty, and taxes are necessary to the functioning of government, and our Constitution provides government with the power to levy them. However, as with all else regarding government. taxation must be just: it must be constrained to no more than is necessary to support  for the proper operation of limited government.

The history of government is a chronology of the quest to acquire an ever growing share of the people’s wealth – and there is no more vivid illustration of this truth than the State of California. The liberals who dominate state government possess an insatiable appetite for other people’s money.  Through boom and bust, recession and expansion, they boost spending and then complain they lack sufficient tax revenue to pay for this never-ending spending binge.

Wealth isn’t money – properly understood, wealth is choices. Unjust taxation restricts our choices as free people, and diminishes our liberty. It saps vitality from our economy and in so doing reduces our ability to rise and engage in the “pursuit of happiness.” The state’s sluggish economic growth rate is pale reflection of the California dream. Thanks to our heavy state tax burden, the California taxpayers must work longer than residents of all but three other states just to pay their total tax bill.

Every election, the CHA fights to change this dynamic by supporting candidates who understand the direct link between lower taxes and higher economic growth and job creation.