Southern California’s future depends on defeating Proposition 15

By Mike Roos at the OC Register

August 16, 2020

Southern California is confronting the worst economic crisis in modern times. Across our community, the outlook looks uncertain for millions of families and countless small businesses. Amid conditions not seen since the Great Depression, voters will decide this November the fate of Proposition 15—the largest proposed property tax increase in state history.

Unless rejected by voters, Prop. 15 and the $11.5 billion tax hike it imposes will prove to be another impediment for unemployed workers counting on an economic rebound in the not-too-distant future. Prop. 15 will add another significant burden to small businesses who already face an existential crisis.

Worse still, the tax increase’s cost will be passed along to consumers, as we’ll be forced to pay more for basic necessities like groceries, gasoline, diapers and clothing.

Southern California’s future – and with it the state’s recovery – relies on a strong economy that creates jobs for workers and allows small businesses to confidently re-open and engage in commerce. Prop 15’s massive tax increases would significantly undermine these goals.

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